Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gasoline prices update near the end of September 2006

Gasoline prices update near the end of September 2006.

Things are too quiet. This is what I think. Not much in the local Toronto press about hurricanes, oil prices, wars "in other lands", terrorism or much to do about anything relating to gasoline prices these days. Too quiet in my opinion.

Is this the calm before the storm?

Gold prices are down, but still up for the year, silver is hovering at $12 per ounce or so, milk is still $3.69 per bag of 3 litres, so the price of gas is still cheaper than milk.

Are we attempting to re-adjust to the 'new level' of gasoline prices? In August or previously this year, if the price at the pump was below 90 cents per litre there would have been a stampede to the pumps and line-ups on the streets. These days, with our gasoline prices hovering in the 77 to 82 cent per litre range, people are hardly taking notice. Note that the yo-yoing is still going on, but people for the most part are extremely happy with the current gasoline prices in our area.

Not many are talking about the low prices, I think everyone is just hoping that if they don't say anything, the prices will stay low for a while, at least until the holidays are over.

Here is my latest photo at the pumps:

This was taken on September 23, 2006 at the Shell gas station at Eglinton and Kennedy.

I think that this lull will be short-lived and prices will skyrocket once we (the West) have reason (?) to raise prices again. Certainly, a night or two of CNN hype over something will cause our prices to escalate again. I hope I am wrong.

Stay tuned.

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