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Toronto Gasoline Prices January 2008

Toronto Gasoline Prices January 2008

Happy New Year to you!

Just in case you have not travelled over the past week or so, gasoline prices in the GTA are now hovering around $1.04.5 per litre. For those that can't be bothered to do the math, that's about $4.74 per Canadian gallon, almost 5 bucks per gallon! Or, this works out to $3.96/ US gallon. If this were the price in the US people would revolt down there. But not up here in sunny Canada, we just take it. Now that the CDN$ and US$ are about par, the price per gallon is about the same in CDN or US dollars

I heard another disturbing report today about oil prices. The pundits are now telling us that $100 per barrel oil price range is here to stay. This is due to supply and demand and market forces, inflation and just plain and simple, that's the price of a barrel of oil, so you better get used to it.

Can't wait to go and fill up my boat this summer at the dock pump, probably about $1.39 per litre or so. I know, if you can afford the price of a boat then you can afford the fuel. That's another crock. Our boat was only about $10k, the price of a used used car, (yes used used, because a used car these days is about $15k) At any rate, I think I get about 2 km per litre on the boat, not bad considering my Trailblazer gets about 6.1 km per litre and it's on wheels and coasting.

Again, a quick survey shows that prices are nearly identical across the GTA from Ajax to Mississauga and even into St. Catharines and Fort Erie, I know because we travelled on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and the prices were all within 1/2 cent. No price fixing, just market forces. Sure.

Will we ever see 80 cents/litre again, or even 90 cents/litre, not in the foreseeable future.

I wish you all the best of success in 2008!


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